20lb Chef’s Drum


For any Marinade Express Vacuum Tumbler. The Large Chef’s Drum holds up to a 20lb turkey. Use with any Marinade Express table top home appliance to vacuum tumble marinate your BIG pieces of meat for “Faster Flavor and Better Taste”.

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This 20+ pound-capacity drum is the perfect optional Marinade Express™ add-on for users who understand that “bigger is better.” This drum allows you to prep your holiday turkey, or large roasts, or anything in quantity. Those who value efficiency or sale-price savings will want to use this drum to prepare larger batches at one time, which can then be frozen in portions to make weekly meal preparations a snap.

Important note: It is best to not use your dishwasher’s heated drying or sanitizing cycles with Marinade Express™ drums or dividers. That intense heat can cause warping and void your warranty.

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Weight 8 lbs


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