Ingredients needed:

  • MX Texas Mesquite Marinade
  • Two racks of pork ribs (we used baby back ribs)(half rack per person)
  • Bubba’s Signature Rub. (available at the Marinade Express website)
  • Apple juice (Diluted about half strength in a spray bottle)
  • BBQ Sauce (optional)


Marinate the ribs (we prefer the back skin off) with MX Texas Mesquite Marinade Seasoning in the Marinade Express for at least 30 minutes. (this step can be done a day or two before using)

Season well on all sides rubbing with Bubba’s Signature Rub (or your dry rub of choice) onto the meat.

Place on grill/smoker over indirect heat at about 235 degrees for 4 – 5 hours.

We normally remove at about 4 1/2 hours but have left on for up to 5 hours depending on size and meatiness of the ribs.

Spray with the diluted apple juice every half hour until the racks are flexible when the end is picked up and done as desired.

Let sit and rest, lightly covered for 10 minutes.

Cut into sections or individual ribs and serve.


Optional shorter time sauce lovers method.

Follow the regular directions above.

At about an hour, wrap the ribs in heavy duty foil and put back on the heat at about 275 degrees for another hour or so, until the internal temperature of the ribs is about 170 degrees.

Finish unwrapped from the foil directly on the grill with BBQ Sauce of your choice until caramelized as desired.

Remove from heat again and cut into sections or individual ribs and serve.

Serve with additional sauce for dipping.